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We believe in our clients.

We work with and have worked for some amazing brands from the professional sector, agribusiness, manufacturing, retail to constructions and quite a few industries in between.


Success is more than an outcome, it’s the journey you choose and the choices you make that is…

Jo McCloy - Founder & Marketing Consultant

Who do i choose
to work with?

Trusted and trustworthy entrepreneurs & leaders who work collaboratively.

I only work with people who;

  • Choose to put their customers at the centre of everything they do
  • Are fun, visionary and purpose driven
  • Embrace technology and smarter approaches of doing business
  • Choose to do things once, and do it right
  • Value creativity and creative thought
  • Value partnerships and deep-rooted relationships
  • Honour their committments

I love partnering with fun passionate people who have a dream to make an impact in the world and to the people’s lives they serve.  I am fulfilled, when together we’re crafting a legacy for the world to enjoy.

If you’re only looking to speed date (essentially cheap and cheerful) without investing into a creative partnership for long term results, that’s ok.  Let’s still be acquaintances –  we’re just not the right creative partner for you. 

We love our clients and believe in their vision.  To achieve effective brand positioning and communications, we need to understand your vision, what really makes you different and translate that into a meaningful experience. Just like great food, marketing results take time.

The questions you might think,
but don't ask.

We all make mistakes, or don’t ask the questions because we “think” they’re dumb.  Around here there are no dumb questions because we know from experience if there’s uncertainty for one, there might be for others.

JFM Creatives have worked with every type of client, from owner-operators to large national co-ops. We can work with those who are up for big things and need marketing and design support, because we’re flexible in our approach and can easily scale up and down as required to meet a clients objectives.

We work alongside businesses on both single projects like websites and e-commerce stores through through to branding projects and on-going annual marketing activities and execution.

For new clients, we first meet often via a Zoom call for a 25min insight session to see if we’re the right fit for each, and then we follow the steps outlined below and will kick into things once your project has been signed off and project deposit paid.

Yes of course, we’re family working along side businesses who have multiple creative partners, what we do require though is clear expectations and boundaries for us all to do our very best work.

We also work along larger companies who have an in-house marketing department and may require specific skills such as graphic and digital design or website services. We scale up and adapt our skills reflective our your organisations marketing needs.

Can I help you?

Book a free 25-min insight session with me, and lets chat..